Psychological Support for Rural and Remote Residents

Are you living in a Rural and Remote Community and need to access psychological support? Did you know that you can access Medicare-funded psychological support via Telehealth? Psychological support is now available and more accessible and affordable than you may realise.

Access to evidence-based psychological support is very limited for people living in rural communities. Unfortunately, logistical and financial barriers prevent many people from accessing much-needed support. Fortunately, access to psychological support is now possible via a recent initiate introduced by Minister Fiona Nash who announced "rural and remote Australians can use Skype, FaceTime or video calling to access psychologists and psychiatrists all over Australia from their home or a local medical centre".

Medicare is now funding psychological services via Telehealth making access to professional support easier and more convenient. Telehealth is as simple as using Skype or Facetime to connect with family and friends, instead you connect via your internet connection with your psychologist, either from home or a location that has supported internet access.

Are you Eligible for Medicare Funding?

To be eligible to receive these services under Medicare, you must:

What if I'm not eligible/or a Medicare Rebate?

If you are not eligible but would like to access psychological support, you can still access our services via telehealth. As you would not be able to access a Medicare rebate, you would be required to pay the full fee. However, if you have a private health fund please contact them to find if you would be eligible for a rebate. Alternatively you may be able to access another service that assists with reducing your payment, so please call to find out your options.

Do I need a referral?

If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate you would need to see your GP first so they could complete a Mental Health Care Plan. Alternatively, you may self-refer.

Ask your GP to refer you to a Psychologist of your choice.