Mental Health (On the couch)

Sharon utilises selected assessments to assist with diagnosing varied conditions and to identify factors that may contribute to the client’s sense of psychological wellbeing. Psychological assessments also aid target therapy to enhance treatment outcome. Patients may be self-referring or come with a referral from a GP or another health provider.

It is not necessary to have been given a diagnosis by a health professional to access treatment for mental health wellbeing.

Visit our Self Assessment page where we have some quick and easy questionnaires which can help you to determine when you need help.


Treatment can be provided for individuals, couples and groups. Sharon individually tailors treatment to meet the needs of each client.


Sharon’s experience ensures that the best evidence based therapy is utilised. A variety of therapies are available. The following are just some of the more commonly known therapies that Sharon is able to provide;CBT, IPT, Hypnosis, Neuro-psychotherapy, Mindfulness, ACT. Sharon also utilises Neuro-psychotherapy in addition to other modalities. Sharon will ensure that the individual needs of the client are considered and that the right therapeutic approach is utilised.

Neuropsychotherapy is a form of therapy which looks at the dynamic interplay between the mind, body, social interaction and the environment on a person’s well-being in the context of neuroscientific research. Sharon’s understanding of neurology, psychology and social interactions and relationships have given her the ability to offer a truly holistic therapeutic practice.


Sharon is able to provide assessment for a wide range of conditions including mood and anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, etc

Visit our Free Assessments page to complete Self assessments for Depression, Anxiety & Stress, Postnatal Depression or Alcohol use.