Do only people with a mental illness see a Psychologist?

Why see a psychologist… Psychologists see people for a variety of reasons. A psychologist is trained to understand how the mind functions and the interplay between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Psychologists can assist with:

Do I need a referral?

No. You can contact our service directly without first obtaining a referral.

If you are referred by your GP under a Mental Health Care Plan, you will need to return to your GP after your sixth visit for a Mental Health Care Plan Review. You will then be eligible for a further four sessions if required.

How many years does it take to become a Clinical Psychologist?

Completion of an undergraduate program in Psychology for three years of full time university study and then an additional fourth year to complete Honours. A further two years of post-graduate full-time study if completing a Clinical Masters or a further three years if completing a Clinical Doctorate. Upon completion of either Masters or Doctorate, further supervised practice hours and supervision are undertaken before eligible by AHPRA to be recognised as a clinical psychologist.

What is the difference between a Clinical Psychologist and Psychologist?

A clinical psychologist will have completed further university training at either a Masters or Doctorate level and completed more supervised practice hours and received clinical supervision.

Each year a clinical psychologist is required to complete more professional development hours than a generalist psychologist to maintain clinical registration with AHPRA.

How much will I be charged?

A standard fee applies for most appointments. Some clients will be eligible to receive a substantial rebate on their full fee from their private health fund, Medicare, or payment by their referral source depending on the mode of referral

The amount will vary depending on the method of referral and the duration of the appointment. For example, if a GP referred you and the GP had completed a mental health care plan, Medicare will reimburse you and you will only be out of pocket the gap amount. The gap fee will vary depending on how much you are charged. Medicare will reimburse $125 if you see a clinical psychologist or $90 if you see a generalist.

How long does the appointment last?

If you are receiving therapy a standard consultation will last for 50 minutes. If you are attending an appointment for the first time you may be required to attend for 80 mins. The time taken will vary depending on the type of consultation.